Pandemic Notes: comic relief

monochrome photograph to evoke images of uncertainty

When someone asked: “Wait. Why do we all wave at the end of Zoom meetings, now?”

My reply:

Cause you can’t find the unmute button, because that window is on the other monitor, and it’s behind the Facebook window, and your mouse is busy clicking on the latest coronavirus statistics news charts, and someone says bye in your headphones and it suddenly reminds you you’re in a meeting; and that it’s ending. So, you wave frantically, putting all the energy you feel you can that makes it seem you’re super invested in… (opens up Calendar app to check agenda notes… can’t even find the agenda… this is the same meeting we had last week but someone couldn’t Zoom then, so it literally just says: “Repeat”); so you add an additional, extra-mouth-action “Stay Safe!!!!” Before clicking “Leave” and the “are you sure?” Then again. You force-quit Zoom, shut down the laptop, disconnect the router and have a quick cry.


Just me?

Peace be with you

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