I’m starting a podcast

I’m inviting you to help me start a podcast that asks people to tell real stories, discuss why we think the way we do, and mixes lived experience with informed reasons.

Zach Beauvais

TL;DR, if you’re interested, comment below this thread or send me a DM on Facebook, Instagram or email.

I’d like to start a podcast. It’s going to be real stories, mixed with insight from people with experience or knowledge. We’ll focus on why we think and understand the things we do. We’ll start with the pandemic, but I have several directions it could go.

One thing I’ve learned about myself is: unless it’s visual art or wood carving, I’m a team starter.

I’d like your help – and there’s a reward*


I’ve got a few questions I want to develop a little, and some guests I’m considering approaching. But, I’d like to get a few early guests as people I know well, people who don’t mind helping me refresh my podcasting skills (which were quite undeveloped when I had a successful season of an obscure tech podcast now comfortably over a decade ago :)).

My first question doesn’t need an expert, it doesn’t need papers and books. It needs a couple of guests who are happy (but I’ll take begrudging), to talk with me for about 45 minutes (aiming for 20 minutes) about a pretty simple question:

monochrome photograph to evoke images of uncertainty
Why do you think what you do about the Pandemic?

We’ll open with that, talk about what you know, what you think you know, and how that’s affected your life. But, we’ll go back now and then to get at that first question: “Why do you think what you do about the Pandemic?”

I’d be happy who meet with a few of you before hand, and will put out a date for an initial discovery session.

So, I’m looking for a handful of people, willing to join, to talk about what they think and feel and why. I’m asking for an hour of discovery which would include sound checking and logistics. If you need a mic, I ‘m happy to send you one – maybe a recorder/mic setup.

Before the first series (I’d like to get at least three conversations in the calendar – following a theme of pandemic.) I’d also be very happy to talk to a sound engineer, and some musos about a good soundtrack and theme.

I don’t want to wait till this is perfect, but I do want to get some decent production in from the start.

If you’re reading this, I’m probably inviting you

So, to recap, please join me. You can do so in several ways:

  • Come to an hour’s discovery session in the next couple weeks to talk about logistics, topics, and format.
  • Be a guest – you would be willing to talk about your own perspective, your own stories. You don’t need to be an expert on pandemics or anything – just willing to have a chat and post me a recorder I send you 🙂
  • Join me for an art-direction panel to talk about music, style, and format.

If this pilot series of 3 turns out well, I might ask for volunteers to help with production. Also, if you’re really good with audio, I’m willing to pay for some sessions/lessons to cut the first couple episodes (depending on price).

* The reward

I’ll send any volunteers that help with the pilot a momento. A limited-edition, 8×10 print, if you like photos I take. There may also be a commemorative medal of some sort. (Which is still in the works)

Prints as a thank you. Choose your 8 X 10, signed and numbered. These will never be sold in this format again (but may appear in future projects as different products).

I’ve not got any funding for this. I’m willing to pick up a few mics and recorders to post out (but I’ll be wanting them back to sanitise, and post to next guests.

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