Hey Up,

I'm Zach Beauvais. I help organisations tell their stories.

At work, I help leaders at Cornell University understand their purposes, plan for their messages, and help varied teams turn ideas into content for our students, faculty, collaborators, and our huge community.

I also take photos, make coffee pretty well, and turn green wood into spoons, bowls and cups.

Lately, I've been writing about the pandemic

abstract forest scene to illustrate weariness
Pandemic Notes

Good people are tired

Last week, I posted a Facebook announcement to a group of woodworkers that I administer. The post reiterated our inclusive stance and made it explicit

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Green Woodworking

I make things from greenwood

partly-carved wooden spoon resting on an axe

I start every one of my projects with a tree. If I’m lucky, I get to fell it, but sometimes, I collect up a fresh log. I split green logs with a froe, axe, and wedges.

Once the shape is roughed out, I move on to refining with straight blades and hook knives (which let me hollow out bowls).

I don’t use sandpaper or other abrasives, so everything is tool-finished.

Green woodworking tools

I've written about lots of things.