WordPress Woes

bench removed for maintenanceSo, WordPress 2.8 is great! I love the interface, the drag/drop, the ajaxed admin area and loads of other features. Unfortunately, it’s also broken.

My problem occurs when I update plugins. Whenever a WP plugin needs updating, the automated system has failed to reactivate it every single time. Unfortunately, it also removes the plugin entirely, leaving  me without that functionality. This is particularly annoying when it removes tracking codes, so I can’t see how many folks have been on my site!

So, I’m going to have to reinstall it from scratch. If the theme is jumpy, or something’s missing, it’s probably for that reason. Hopefully, it’ll all be back up and running soon, with plugins working nicely, and all my content secured.

… hopefully!

Image: “Bench Removed for Maintenance” by andyrob Creative Commons Licensed via flickr.

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